With an average of 82 million visitors per year France receives more visitors than any other country in the world. Tied for second place are the USA and SPain, with 75.6 million visitors each.


Bolivia is the world's first cheapest country to visit, host to many events and attractions. This cheap country will make you live like a king underneath via canget a nice place to stay for food transport and even alcohol for less than 20 US dollars a day

It's a vast, landlocked plateau with barren plains, green jungles, rich highland valleys and snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Bolivia is wonders land. The country is full of wonders. Salar de Uyuni, from Bolivia, is the world's largest salt reservoir. Lake Titicaca is the world's highest navigable lake, and one of the lowest in the world. The people of Bolivia are courteous and hospitable. "Unity is power" is the country's national slogan.



Thailand has tried to revamp its Tourism as a leader in many tourism companies offering a huge advocate of hostels with excellent deals. For less than USD 30 per night we can get a private room with a bathroom. If you're free to bunker

About Thailand Thailand is a beautiful country located in the center of the peninsula of Indochina, in the South East Asian region. The nation shares boundaries with east Laos and Cambodia, north Myanmar, west Anadman Sea and south Thailand's Gulf. A mesmerizing resort, it covers 513,120 sq kms of land.The beautiful country is a multi-cultural potpourri. Thailand offers a large array of things from the ascetic lives of the monks to the throbbing nightlife and dance parties on the beaches.Each year Thailand's sandy beaches draw throngs of tourists. On one of its numerous beaches, you can get a tan or experience the many water sports open to those who are searching for the perfect adrenaline rush. Often renowned for its massages, having a soothing back massage by the beach from one of the masseuses may be a good idea.A major attraction here is the Ornate Buddha deities and their glittering Thai temples and the Wat Phra Kaew is an utter don't skip. In Thailand, there are many royal palaces one can tour. Sprawling gardens and beautiful designs welcome you at the royalty's abode. One can also search out the ancient ruins in locations such as Ayuthaya and tour one of Thailand's several Tiger temples. In fact, Thailand is renowned for its street food. This offers a chance to dip into various types of delicacies at restaurants on the roadside. The fruit platters which are offered at every corner and nook are a must.


03. Greece

Greece is the world's third cheapest visiting country with low economic status in Greece's rates, so tourism can help bring some much-needed money. The country is beautiful mind-numbing Lee and features architecturally stunning coasts. This is one of the best cheap travel destinations in all of Europe.

Last year 27 million visitors visited Greece and the number is growing rapidly. In the next 10 years, the Greek tourism industry will be 10 times higher, according to forecasts published by Europeans and the US.The number of international tourists rose by 14.9 million in 2009, and exceeded 24.8 million in 2016. In fact, the study released by WTTC shows development of 26 million in 2017 and will increase to 47 million by 2027.Popular hashtags: Greek travel, visited Greece, million visitors, Mykonos Santorini, Mediterranean environment, Greek cuisine.


04. Spain

Spain has similar problems with Greece, and could use the extra tourism money. The nation also has plenty to give with beautiful cuisine a rich history portrayed in architecture and wonderful scenery by museums. It's like mountain vicus do Europa

Spain celebrates regional variety, from sun-drenched archipelagos and vibrant urban cities to snow-capped mountains and semi-arid deserts. As the meeting point for the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this vast country provides some of the most stunning scenery in Europe as well as some of its most tasty cuisines.


05. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a blast exploring worldwide nation and a few hundred dollars Costa. Rica has one of the lowest air fare rates while flying from the U.S. and the country's markets are also not poor. The Costa Rican: in addition, has fallen below the USD. It is an absolutely lovely country

There are endless opportunities for exploration in Costa Rica with a mountain range between the Pacific Coast at the west and the Caribbean coast at the east. Tours from San Jose, Aljuela, or Guanacaste reach out to many fun things to do around the world.On the Caribbean side of the country the visitor will explore Tortuguero National Park. Take a boat ride through diversity-filled city. This park lined with apes, sloths, crocodiles and a number of species of birds is something to see.There are visits to many of the volcanoes located all over the world.One can even try their hand at stand-up paddleboarding on the beach at the extinct and water-filled Arenal volcano.Conversely one can fly into the rainforest, go for a zip line trip, or take a rainforest canopy tour. Water events are also accessible at the interior of the country. The traveler can do some white water rafting on one of the many rivers, or go riding on horseback to some of the many waterfalls located throughout the region.With a treasure trove of accessible activities you just need to take a pick and enjoy this rich Costa Rican land. So visit this wonderful country, go on a tour and have some fun.

Costa Rica

06. Vietnam

Vietnam is the world's six cheapest flying economy, and Vietnam is commuting for less than $20 a day, and may even fail to pay as much of the country's dollar recognized as the dawn as one u.s. ratio. Dollar to 20 1190 dongs, even with the increase in tourism in recent years, the Still Remains region, is very cheap and will not change soon

Vietnam, the Land of the Ascending Dragons, is the peninsula of Indochina's easternmost region. Bordered by Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos in the west and south-west, China in the north, and the South China Sea on the majority of the sides, Vietnam slowly grows into a major tourist destination in South-East Asia. During the last few years, Vietnam tourism has been on the rise along with the economic development of the country.


07. Romania

Romania is the 7th cheapest visiting country in the world right now Eastern Europe is very inexpensive. We will pick up a hostel for under 10 u.s. Dollars per night and we're only going to have to spend a couple of dollars per meal, but in Romania, we can still find great deals and even better street food. This season, on a planning ring for college

Romania offers countless unique travel experiences which await exploration.A three-hour journey, by car or train, will carry you from the Danube to a stunning, untouched, medieval town; from Bucharest-the capital of Romania-to the Black Sea; from Southern Transylvania to the ancient Bucovina or Maramures regions.Take a step back in time when you explore one of Bucovina's distinctive painted monasteries, the perfectly preserved Sighisoara hilltop citadel or a real, centuries-old, Maramures town.Discover the many architectural treasures Romania has to sell and witness its lively and thriving arts scene.


08. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's the cheapest country to visit. The small country in the northern Indian Ocean in the world is host to temples in Botanical Gardens and Sri Lankan steel tea making. This is the most expensive country on the planet and we will be able to afford all the necessities we need during our travels

The Resplendent Island, known by a flotilla of names, is one of the gorgeous beaches, tea plantations and ancient cities. Scuba dive, tour an orphanage with elephants and a singing fish lagoon, wander dense jungle, shrines, and temples. The nation, previously known as Ceylon, is situated only 20 miles off India and is host to 20 million inhabitants and six World Heritage sites. The lengthy, brutal civil war in the world concluded in May 2009 bringing in prosperity, security and a resurgence in tourism.

Sri Lanka's


Nepal is the 9th most open country to explore in the world. I a tropical nation with great food and Nepal's rich history. Paradise for backpackers, it's the perfect escape from the absurdity of everyday life in the countryside

Famous for being the location of eight of the world's ten highest mountains, Nepal is far more than just a destination for mountaineers. This South Asian nation, rich in landscape, wildlife, history, and tradition, is home to two major religions. Beautiful Hindu temples, ancient Buddhist monasteries, and stupas allow a visit to Nepal stand out.Begin with a tour of Kathmandu, the capital city, but be sure to leave the busy tourist areas to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside and villages. Kirtipur is just southwest of Kathmandu and will immerse tourists in typical Newari culture and cuisine. This ancient Kathmandu Valley city is host to approximately 50,000 people.See the famed Bagh Bhairab Temple, holy to the Hindus and Buddhists, purchase some weavings made locally, or visit the university's largest library in Nepal.For a stunning Himalayan mountain landscape and a snapshot into typical Tibetan culture, visit Pokhara, the ancient city situated on the China-India trade route. Since the mid-1900s the region has been home to several Tibetans and houses several Buddhist temples. This town is the gateway to Annappurna, with its beautiful lakes that represent soaring mountains.Without a visit to Shivapuri National Park, no visit to Nepal is complete. This natural environment is found in the subtropical-temperate transition zone and is full of wildlife.For the really adventurous, the trip of a lifetime will be a walk to the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang, located on the border of Tibet. A secret paradise is a special excursion to one of the last few places on earth that the outer world lingers unnoticed.


10. Argentina

If we want to relax, or Barney Buenos Aires is well known for its vibrant nightlife, or anyone can visit a Guess Who falls in for a relaxing hike, but Annie is surrounded. For not a lot of money.

No journey to Argentina would be complete without a visit to Buenos Aires ' magnificent capital. This Spanish-speaking community has something for everyone, with its Mediterranean architecture, varied neighbourhoods and various attractions.Tango, when at Buenos Aires! Tango was born in the poor districts of Buenos Aires, which was declared a world heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2009. Visitors to Buenos Aires will take lessons in tango, catch a delicious dinner, and party the night away at one of the many tango clubs in the neighborhood of La Boca.Sports fans will want to hit the home fields of the Boca Juniors and River Plate competing soccer teams.All stadiums, situated in La Boca and the neighbourhoods of Belgrano respectively, offer museums and guides that will carry you into reserved seating and other exclusive places.In Buenos Aires travelers can take advantage of their time by studying some Spanish. Short courses that will teach fundamentals of the language and culture are available. Understanding a small amount of Spanish will make a return to Argentina much fuller.The surrounding areas around Buenos Aires are worth exploring. Day trips to Argentine ranches, or estancias, often include riding horses, traditional meals, and seeing gauchos at work.The travel nearby is to Tigre, an island city. Tigre is a famous getaway for Buenos Aires citizens and is host to The Naval Museum, various rowing clubs and sumptuous mansions.


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