The most expensive cruise ship in the world is 1 billion 350 million dollars and for that kind of money, you won't believe what kind of Adventures you can get up to some rooms in a cruise ship can cost up to $50,000 per night. So today's episode of top five central we're going to be looking at some of the most insane cruise ships in the world

01. Harmony of the Seas

the harmony of the Seas set sail all throughout the year visiting the Bahamas the Caribbean and areas along the North American Coast Line, you can find yourself walking along a beautiful golden Beach and st. Thomas one day before Wandering the Streets of San Juan or snorkeling in Mexico the next it's a colossal ship stretching out over three hundred sixty two meters in capable of fitting 6780 passengers on board at maximum occupancy with a further 2300 crew members its maiden voyage was in 2016, but in the three short years since the Oasis class ships that sail it has become a highly desirable Cruiser the ship is divided into a total of seven neighborhoods. There's the Royal Promenade which is a to deck high maul that is home to bars restaurants and Chops their Central Park, which is a unique green area surrounded by 12,000 trees and plants.

The boardwalk is one of the more fun areas of the ship home to a handcrafted Carousel the aqua theater Starbucks and many more attractions. The pool and Sports Zone is the fourth neighborhood including a beach pool Flow Rider and the tallest waterslide on a cruise ship the ultimate Abyss which features a 10-story drop. If you need to recharge from all that you can head to the fifth neighborhood, which is the totality of the see this area is all about unwinding and revitalizing the Body Mind and Spirit featuring a spa fitness center and Cafe this Six is the entertainment place which features not just a theater but also a casino and a comedy club and of course the final neighborhood is the youth zone which is an area custom-made for kids from babies to teens. There's a baby daycare and expensive arcade a teen disco and places for kids just to be kids. The website for MSC cruises claims at the MSC Seaside rewrites the rulebook of cruise ship design. The 323 meters long vessel has a maximum capacity of 5331 passengers and 14 crew members.

The Waterfront Boardwalk is a long area of decking complete with restaurants bars and places to relax and walk while offering you an unparalleled view of the ocean. There are two Beach cools Miami Beach pool is on Deck 16 and features an Innovative Sun lounger design that allows you to go straight from sunbathing. Swimming while the South Beach pool. I have the ship on Deck 7 is basically as close to the ocean as you can get without going overboard. There's a state-of-the-art gym and Spa as well as a foredeck tall Atrium where guests can enjoy live entertainment. If you have the funds, you can become a part of the MSC yacht club, which is an exclusive group of high-end luxury and a private area of the ship. If you get the luxury of a much bigger. Exclusive 24-hour Butler Service and much more. The highlight of sailing on the MSC Seaside is its ultimate destination the MSC Marine reserve ocean K from water activities to restaurant Marine reserve has it all

Harmony of the Seas

02. The Norwegian Encore

The Norwegian Encore is the newest ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line companies flee. This ship is so state of the art. That isn't even selling it. It's at its final construction at mayor work in Germany when completed the ship will be able to contain 3980 passengers with a further 20 100 crew members. Originally the ship was designed to Sail Out Of China much like our sister ship the Norwegian Joy, but instead, it'll be sailing at a Miami starting later this year the main slide of the awful part of a suspended 159 game. Of the ocean and stretches 11 feet off the side of the ship. There's the Galaxy Pavilion which is a 10,000 square foot augmented reality complex with cutting-edge technology designed for incredible interactive gaming. It was even a laser tag area based on the lost city of Atlantis, which also uses that exact augmented reality technology to bring the world of ruins and giant sea monsters to life.

But perhaps the coolest out of all the entertainment features are the speedway the Norwegian Encore Speedway is 1100 feet long ago. Car race track which is suspended 13 feet off the side of the ship the spectrum of the Seas belongs to an absolutely insane sounded class of Royal Caribbean Cruises. It's a Quantum Ultra class ship. The quantum Ultra class is the third-largest class of cruise ship in the world and the spectrum is able to hold 4905 passengers at maximum occupancy. So what does a Quantum Ultra ship have to offer you have the sander things like casinos and theatres and a video arcade and then you got activities that are so much greater. Year activities like a sky pad which is a bungee trampoline experience that includes the virtual reality that You traveling light years into the future or Two Worlds made out of candy. There's also a rock-climbing wall and air tunnel that lets you sort through the air like you're in zero gravity and the glass capsule machine called the North Star which says you 300 feet above the ocean for impossible to match views of the ocean.

The Norwegian Encore

03. The Disney Dream

Disney is the largest entertainment company on theplanet. So it would make sense that they would also have a fleet of cruiseships as well. The most impressive is theDisney Dream which entered service in 2011 at maximum occupancy in taking on4,000 passengers with a further 1458 crew members as a Disney cruise whereyou'd expect to see a whole bunch of Disney themed attractions on the ship forkids. There's the Disney Oceaneering Club focused on children between 3 and 12years old.

There is Andy's room where kids can hang. Toy Story gang the PixieHollow which is themed around the world the Pinker Bell and finally theMillennium Falcon where kids can enjoy the Rebel Alliance and design aStarship. The highlight of the Disney Dream is probably all of its pools andwater features. Best of which is the aqua duck this water coaster said to be thefirst of its kind at Sea and takes you around the entire ship this 765 feet oftubes can see breathtaking views of the ocean and the ship below including atrip off the side of the ship and a foredeck drop

The Disney Dream

04. The Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is a unique ship. Itsaid to be the only passenger ship as of this year to be an ocean liner. Thismeans it travels a long distance across entire oceans instead of just travelingalong the coastline of a country after a refit in 2016. The Queen Mary 2 was upgraded to be capable of carrying 2695passengers as well as 1253 officers and crew on his journey as a flagship oceanliner. The ship is more focused on being sturdy and well built than Flash. Sowe can survive long ocean voyages with it doesn't mean that there are nosurprises on the ship the Queen Mary 2 featured the world's only planetarium atSea illumination keeping with the educational team. There's even expansiveonboard Library will the thousands of books.

Now the Queen Mary 2 is obviouslya much more refined ship than some of the ships we've had on this list insteadof relying on flashy tricks its trips back to the basics and being itself atthe older demographic. The walls are lined with over 5,000 commissioned piecesof Art. Art and their performances of Shakespeare on the main stage the Oasisof the Seas another Lacy's class cruise ships at a brand new capacity recordwhen it was constructed capable of holding over 6,000 passengers at fullcapacity with a further two thousand three hundred ninety-four people acting astaff. Have you ever wanted to fly in a zip line while sailing the high seas that are possible on the Oasis of the Seas with a zip line that allows you torush nine decks above the boardwalk? The boardwalk is pretty cool itself. It'sa retro-themed prominent. A beautiful hand-painted Carousel if a zipline isn'tyour thing, but you still want to experience some of the Thrills of extremesports. You could explore the rock wall, which stretches 200 feet above sealevel much like the other Oasis-class on this list. The wishes of the Seas hasa Central Park filled with Greenery just in case you're looking for a morerelaxed adventure if you don't want to relax if you also don't want to headhigh above the deck so you can enjoy the H2O Zone which is a fully-fledged AquaPark complete with water cannons fountains sculptures and more for kids to havefun with

The Queen Mary 2

05. The celebrity Edge

The celebrity Edge is said to change everything from the way you experience the world to the way you connect with the ocean. This is the first Edge class cruise ship and operation constructed for around a billion dollars from walks along the three floors in the morning to cooking classes in the afternoon and full-on food-based performance in the evening. The Grand Plaza is a luxurious area inspired by Italy designed to show its guests a taste of the good life at its Center is a large chandelier light show The Pinnacle of the ship is the resort deck.

This is where you'll find the main pool deck which also features an oversized our installations including unique Treetops cultures to two-story martini glass hot tubs 23-meter lap pool and a pool bar. There's also the rooftop garden which is described as a living urban playscape inspired by childhood playgrounds the jogging track and adults-only Solarium, which is basically a greenhouse for sunbathing.

The celebrity Edge

06. The MSC grandiosity

The MSC grandiosity is one of the few ships on this list that is still yet to officially set sail with members of the public on board. As you would expect from a ship that has yet to make its first voyage. It's filled with top-of-the-range cutting entertainment facilities.

The first thing that we have to mention is that this cruise ship will be shown to new exclusive shows from the world-famous Cruise ship which will be at sea for the first time but that's just where the fun begins this ship features a full-size bowling alley the first of its kind at Sea then there's the polar Aqua Park which is said to be one of the most intricate and exciting water parks at Sea with three twisting slides arrange a pools and a Himalayan Bridge.

The MSC grandiosity

07. The Sky Princess Cruise Ship

The sky princess With the distinct design and the jury's attractions of the royal class of ships to even lot for your Heights featuring their most exciting entertainment venues yet while some of the ships on this list of focus on high octane water parks and go-kart tracks to keep people entertained the sky princess seems to be a ship or focus with relaxation and unwinding instead of water parks.

There are a series of loci pools Spa tubs and hot tubs another highlight of the sky princess is its Ward winning best onboard shopping alongside. The shops are a Vegas tile because of Zeno and expansive Piazza and more than one area for live shows.

The Sky Princess Cruise Ship

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