With an average of 82 million visitors per year France receives more visitors than any other country in the world. Tied for second place are the USA and SPain, with 75.6 million visitors each.

01. France - 89 million visitors

France leads the world in the tourism sector.She has cultural-interest cities ;has mountains in the Alps, ski resorts,beaches, picturesque French towns, beautiful gardens, parks, etc.The country is home to a staggering 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are well known worldwide for their outstanding universal value.In France, the travel and tourism sector contributes 9.7 per cent of GDP. 30% of the revenue generated by tourism comes from foreign tourists, while the remaining seventy per cent comes from domestic tourism.

Like France it is themost visited country in the world

Spain - 83 million visitors per year

02. Spain - 83 million

Throughout Spain, tourism is a major industry, contributing nearly 11 percent to the country's national GDP. Most of Spain's visitors come from European countries like the UK, France, Italy, and Germany. Spain is a tourist attraction hotspot. It has historic towns and cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, and world-class Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal resorts. In Spain, there are popular festivals such as the carnival. There are also 15 national parks in the country, well-developed winter tourism facilities, and a bustling nightlife. 13 Spanish cities are also considered World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and attract foreign visitors with their unique charm and significance..

Spain - 83 million visitors per year

03. United States of America- 80 million visitors

The United States is a powerful country with a great number of tourist attractions sites. Many of the U.S. cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas thrive year-round with tourists. The country's major natural attractions include the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, the subarctic wonders of Alaska, Hawaiian beaches, and more.

The tourism industry is among the first three industries that produce the highest number of job opportunities in 29 country states. The US attracts the largest number of foreign visitors from Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and is also highly active in its domestic tourism industry.

United States of America- 80 million visitors per year

04. China - 63 million visitors

The land of China's Great Wall, the Five Holy Mountains, the Shaolin Temple, the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Forbidden City, the Three Gorges and other places of economic, cultural and historical significance, China is indeed one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. In 2014, the nation received 55.6 million foreign visitors and in 2010, profited from USD 45.8 in foreign exchange revenue.

With the World Trade Organization (WTO) estimating that by 2020 the country will rank number one in the global tourism sector, China's tourism numbers are expected to rise rapidly in the coming years.

China - 63 million visitors per year

05. Italy - 62 million visitors

For many, Italy is one of their lives ' dream destinations. With 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, countless cultural artifacts, buildings and archeological sites from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance period, along with the picturesque Alpine villages and towns in the north of the country and fascinating Mediterranean coasts in the south, Italy is justifiably the fifth most visited country on earth. Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan are some of its most visited cities, each with its unique attractions, history, culture, and cuisine.

Italy ranks regularly among the most-visited countries in the world.

Italy - 62 million visitors

06. Turkey - 46 million visitors

Turkey is a well-known tourist destination for its many seaside resorts with both Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines. There are also a number of historic sites in the country including ancient monasteries and abandoned cities. The town of Antalya is considered the tourism capital of the country, although Istanbul is also popular for its numerous museums, bazaars and historic sites.

While Turkey reached 41.2 million tourists in 2014, the tourism sector deteriorated significantly in the years that followed. Tourist numbers started to rise again in 2017 due to intense ads.

Turkey - 46 million visitors

07. Mexico - 41 million visitors

Mexico, a large North American nation, is well known for its pristine beaches and world class resorts. The country's tourism industry has experienced a whirlwind of substantial growth in recent decades. It's no wonder why tourists love Mexico with its abundance of culture and UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Although an increasing number of travelers from Europe and Asia also pay a visit to the country, the vast majority of visitors come from their neighbors to the north, Canada and the USA.

Mexico - 41 million visitors

08. Germany - 39 million visitors

Germany receives a large number of tourists from all over the globe and within the country. It is estimated that the tourism industry in Germany contributes 4.5 per cent to the national GDP and that 2 million job opportunities are generated based on travel and tourism-related job requirements. Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are among the country's most-visited cities. Visits to Germany also are very popular for educational and business purposes.

Even drawing millions of tourists every year are many protected areas throughout Germany, such as the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park and the Jasmund National Park.

Germany - 39 million visitors

09. Thailand - 38 million visitors

Thailand is a global tourist hot spot with sunny, sandy beaches, tropical islands, rich wildlife, archaeological sites, temples and monasteries. The country's lively and colorful markets, flourishing nightlife, world-class retail services and wonderful Thai food are all major tourist attractions.

It is projected that revenue generated directly and indirectly comprises about 20.2 per cent of the country's total GDP. It is also estimated that around 100 million tourists will be earned by Thailand by 2032.

Thailand - 38 million visitors

10. United Kingdom - 36 million visitors

The United Kingdom ranks 10th most visited country in the world, with a long and interesting past as well as rich culture and top-class tourist facilities and services.

United Kingdom tourists generate revenues for the country of around USD 17.2 billion. Many visitors come from other parts of Europe, while tourists come from the United States and Canada.

United Kingdom - 36 million visitors

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