Mastercard compiles the Global Destination Cities Ranking each year, which lists 200 cities around the world based on how famous they are with tourists. The study not only culls visitor numbers and travel expense details — forget about booking airline tickets and buying souvenirs— but also forecasts where tourists will be going within the next year. The company has just released its latest index, with the places on track to become the most visited cities of 2019. Check out how the list stakes up this year.

Foreign inbound tourists overnight visitors are the number of tourists traveling to a country other than that in which they have their own home, but outside their normal setting, for a duration not exceeding 12 months and whose main purpose of visiting is not an operation remunerated from within the country visited.

Tourists often flock to the same tried-and-tested destinations they realize they are going to miss, no matter what travel patterns crop up.

01. Bangkok, Thailand

Number of overnight visitors: 22.78 million

Bangkok is one of the number one tourist destinations in the world. The city itself is a true tourist paradise, as evidenced by the increasing number of travelers coming every year.A side of the city itself, Bangkok is also surrounded by many fascinating, worth visiting provinces.West of Bangkok sits the provinces of Nonthaburi and Pathum Thani. They have lots of attractions including Koh Kret and Lotus

Bangkok has a wide range of tourist attractions, mainly ancient sites and temples with intricate structures and arts. Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, wat arun, Wat Phu Khao Thong, Wat Ratchanadda, Wat Traimit, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Bowon and Wat Sutat are among the most prominent temples.Including luxurious malls to flea markets and street markets such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, Sampeng Market, and Pahurat Textile Market, there are palaces, libraries, gardens, and a wide range of shopping centers.Nightlife in Bangkok is another attraction that has attracted many visitors from all over the world.

Bangkok, Thailand.

02. Paris, France

Number of overnight visitors: 19.10 million

The French capital appears to have been specifically designed for the enjoyment of its visitors. The avenues, parks, houses, gardens and temples encourage the return of visitors, and indeed, many do.Some of Paris ' most memorable things to do involve seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Experiencing one of the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret shows during the evening, strolling through some of the most picturesque neighbourhoods, such as Montmartre, or scaling the Montparnasse Tower is a must.

Visiting Paris is always a good time to. Depending on where you fly, you can either take advantage of low-cost airlines flying from other European cities into the city or take one of their direct flights from other destinations.

Paris, France.

03.London, U.K.

Number of overnight visitors: 19.09 million

London is one of the top tourism destinations in the world and the area is host to a number of famous tourist attractions. In 2018 the region drew 20.42 million international visitors, rendering it one of the most visited worldwide in terms of international visits. Throughout 2017, it received a further 27.8 million overnight domestic visitors and in 2015 had 280 million daytrippers.

The United Kingdom's travel & tourism industry added GBP66.3 billion to GDP, 3.4 per cent of total GDP in 2016, and will grow by 2.2 per cent pa, from 2017-2027 to GBP84.6 billion, 3.6 per cent of total GDP in 2027. Tourists to London invested £ 9.4 billion in 2011, which constitutes well over half of the total amount of international tourists spending that same year throughout the UK. According to Deloitte–Oxford Economics, the tourism sector hired 700,000 workers in 2013, accounting for 11.6 per cent of the capital's GDP.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel, on the edge of the Thames River. It is 135 meters tall and is 120 meters in diameter. The city features the London Aquarium, Elizabeth Tower, Parliament Buildings, Westminster Abbey and Nelson's Column within a short walk. The Shard, London's tallest building, opened a viewing platform to the public in 2013. Many big London tourist attractions include the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace (although this is only open to the public during a limited number of summer months)

London, U.K.

04. Dubai, U.A.E.

Number of overnight visitors: 15.93 million

Dubai is undoubtedly a paradise for Shopaholics. Join Dubai and live your heart out. Shopping tourists visit this city from far and large. Their main objective: shop-till-they-drop but Dubai Tourism has much more to offer. A Dubai holiday has it all for everyone! Dubai is gradually becoming a preferred destination for visitors. Dubai Holidays is a perfect destination for all! Book your tours to Dubai to experience this great city. Dubai is famous for its so called Souks shopping districts. To meet their shopping needs, tourists flock to the modern malls, as well as the souks.

Perhaps the best part about Dubai is that helpful market negotiating is possible almost anywhere so you can also get some really good deal. One of Dubai's key travel ideas is a Bargain! Aside from shopping, the most exciting part of Dubai is the various new Dubai skyline additions. The Burj Khalifa that is the world's tallest man-made building is certainly a sight to be seen. Visiting the Burj Al Arab; the world's fourth-tallest hotel also experiences once in a lifetime. To add to this you can also see Dubai Miracle Garden with some spectacular shopping malls, the biggest natural flower gardens as well as man-made islands.

A word of caution though: Until you visit Dubai, it's important to be well informed of the Middle East community. Be extra vigilant and obey those laws and you will have the experience of shopping that is incomparable to anybody else in the world! While visiting Dubai, note also that you'll be in a country with a different history. Significantly different belief-systems. Following those laws is necessary, and upholding the principles. In addition, the laws are extremely strict so make sure you don't get into trouble because of the failure to follow them.

Dubai, U.A.E.


Number of overnight visitors: 14.67 million

Being an island off southern Malaysia, the city-state is host to several beaches and is therefore an activity destination for water sports activities. But not all of that. There are also high sightseeing junctions in Singapore and exciting attractions awaiting exploration. Who would have ever thought that once a sterile land could burst into life and transform itself into one of the world's most visited tourist destinations. Singapore is nothing short of a fairytale. They call it a' City in a Garden' and this little island deserves that title well.In Singapore there are four official languages which include: Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, and English. English is the town's most widely spoken language.

If you're here to explore the city's wild side, you've got rainforests home to monkeys, racket-tailed Drongos and more, mushy homeland to lobster, humongous lizards, a variety of fruit-bearing plantations and the list goes on. Singapore can also be seen as the heaven for a shopper. We have everything right here, starting from the stores to the street shopping. The town is full of fun on the island, restaurants, secluded beaches, shops, gardens and more. It redefines the idea of fun, and so its visitors adorn it so much.

The divine cuisine naturally is another reason to visit here. Chili spiked crab is popular with the region, but there are plenty of dishes that you should try otherwise. Whether it's a restaurant or street food, here, you'll enjoy it. When it comes to architecture, Singapore is a blend of the old and new. Old temples and tall skyscrapers are to be seen around the area, both. The island city is also a fusion of Hong Kong wet markets, Bombay, India street shopping, and Pat pong Bangkok street shopping. Although there is so much to give in this wonderful city, why wouldn't you make it your next place to explore? Plan a 3-day itinerary to Singapore and live the city's beauty for real.


06. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Number of overnight visitors: 13.79 million

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia's capital city, showcasing gleaming skyscrapers, colonial buildings, friendly locals and a plethora of natural sights. Divided into many neighbourhoods, the main hub is the Golden Triangle containing Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Chinatown. KL is widely recognized for numerous landmarks, including Petronas Twin Towers (the world's tallest twin skyscrapers), Petaling Street flea market, and over 400 million-year-old Batu Caves.

With frequent year-round sales events, expansive shopping malls such as Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC are also among the city's biggest tourist attractions, hosting a wide range of upmarket labels from around the world. And, if you need more reason to love Kuala Lumpur, there's plenty of gastronomic delights–with thousands of hawker stalls, cafes, and restaurants serving any possible form of delicacy.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

07. New York City

Number of overnight visitors: 13.60 million

New York City is one of the world's most famous, and rightly so, tourist destinations. NYC is the mecca of industry in the United States and there is something for every design, preference, and budget in New York City as a melting pot of American culture. With so much to see and do in NYC, it's crucial for visitors in NYC to do their research in advance before their New York City holiday. NYC has something for every theme, palate and budget and with so many hidden gems around every corner, any tourist planning trip to New York City and Manhattan could use some inside details.NYC is America's most densely populated city, with over 8 million people currently living in NYC. New York City is also the most diverse city in the Country, with people from every part of the globe hailing.

New York City

08. Istanbul, Turkey

Number of overnight visitors: 13.40 million

Istanbul, Turkey, once Constantinople, historic Byzantium, Turkey's largest city and major seaport. It was the headquarters of both the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.

With its historic architecture, exquisite boutiques and innovative restaurants, Istanbul continues to attract visitors — not to mention the flourishing arts scene in the Karaköy district of the region. It's plain to see why our readers last year named this jewel as one of the best towns in the country.

Istanbul, Turkey

09. Tokyo, Japan.

Number of overnight visitors: 12.93 million

TTokyo (Tōkyō) is the capital of Japan and the most populous metropolis in the world. It is also one of 47 prefectures in Japan, composed of 23 central city wards and numerous districts, towns, and villages west of downtown. The islands of Izu and Ogasawara are part of Tokyo too.

Before 1868 Tokyo was referred to as Edo. A small 16th-century castle town, Edo became the political center of Japan in 1603 when Tokugawa Ieyasu established his feudal rule there. Several decades later, Edo has developed into one of the most populated cities in the world. The emperor and government relocated from Kyoto to Edo, called Tokyo ("Eastern Government"), with the Meiji Restoration of 1868. The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the air raids of 1945 devastated much of Tokyo

Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. The city's history can be appreciated in districts such as Asakusa and in many excellent museums, historic temples and gardens. Contrary to common perception, Tokyo also offers a number of attractive green spaces in the city center and within relatively short train rides at its outskirts.

Tokyo, Japan.

10. Antalya, Turkey.

Number of overnight visitors: 12.41 million

Antalya is Turkey's fastest-growing city, and visitors from all over the world discover its wonderful combination of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture. Children will love the Beach Park, which features Aqua Land (the dream of a waterslide fanatic) and Dolphin Land (home to dolphins, white whales and sea lions). Be sure to explore the middle of the old town and see Hadrian's Door.

In 2018, Seoul barely beat out Antalya but the resort city finally moved into this year's top 10—and for good reason. Apart from its beachside hotels and spectacular Roman ruins, Antalya also happens to be situated along Turkey's Turkish coast— one of the most picturesque (and one of our favorite) places to spend a summer holiday.

Antalya, Turkey.

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