01. The mark hotel in Manhattan

The mark hotel is in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, the Hotel was built in 1927, but in 2006 the building underwent a major renovation that lasted all of three years by 2009 that the insides of this historic building work. Completely replaced and upgraded all of the inner workings of the hotel will be reimagined by the famous designer Jacques Grange. The outside was left untouched and its historic character has been maintained .New Yorkers has frequented the building because it houses a Jean-Georges Restaurant as well as a Frederic Fekkai. So on celebrities visit the mark annually to attend the Met Ball as it has become the go-to Gathering Spot before the extravagant festivities begin and now there is a new reason to come to the mark Hotel. Only if you've got the cash flow ;the mark holds the record for the most expensive hotel suite in the world at $75,000 anyone who's got a big enough pocket can enjoy the penthouse suite located on the 16th and 17th floors. Sweet isn't the most accurate description considering it consists of a living room with a 26-foot tall ceiling five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two wet bars and for fireplaces, the entire interior space comes about 10,000 square feet not to mention the 25. Hundred square foot rooftop Terrace overlooking Central Park that the suite also includes while the penthouse is not new.

It only just recently became available to rest before the renovation was even finished a family rented the penthouse for 16 months Olivier Lord Anwar general manager for the mark Hotel explained that the family got a reduced price because they planned on living there for such a long period of time if you're wondering how many coins that family ended up dropping a nearby 10,000 square foot townhouse was sold for. Before .7 million while a 16-month stay of the current published rates would clock in at around thirty-six point five million Lord. Anwar was the one who came up with the price for the penthouse suite. He also pointed out in an interview with Bloomberg a competitor the Taiwan a penthouse suite at the Four Seasons fans. 4,500 square feet has four Terraces, Ford, only one bedroom and goes for fifty thousand a night. There is no way we would price our Penthouse at the same level as it is so much bigger. So as long as the plus guests are getting all the amazing Services of the Mark. I rather feisty and complained of a response from the man. If you ask me at this point , I'd like to stop and play what you could have bought instead of staying in the penthouse at the Mark hotel in today's feature.I will compare the cost the price of cars instead of staying one night in the penthouse at the Mark. You could have bought a brand new Mercedes AMG c63s Coupe instead of staying too nice of a penthouse. You could have bought a new knee. Sun GTR a new Jeep Wrangler and throw in a Ford Fiesta instead of spending the whole weekend at the Mark you could have bought a 1960 Rolls-Royce Phantom instead of saying for nice, okay enough of that. Sorry moving on the national average it costs to build a hotel is about 22 million dollars. The mark hotel isn't a particularly large building. But since it's in New York, let's say the cost it took to build the building was 30 million if the hotel were to rip out the And how sweet alone and have no other source of income it would only take four hundred days to break even with the price of making Motel. There are plenty of expenses that the hotel covers besides the cost to build but that just puts into perspective how much of a cache hit the luxury hotel business can be if all that comes inside the incredible Suite isn't enough the Mark has some special toys up their sleeve that will surely tip you over the suite includes Round the Clock to the door room service by John George's and John Lobb shoe shine. On top of that, anyone who books The Suite has a 70-foot sailboat for Charter at their disposal not to From the complimentary bicycles for Hire that can be used to explore the Big Apple.

But the way the mark really sets itself apart is its aspiration to personalize each experience to the buyer since heads of state celebrities and very wealthy businessmen are the ones renting out the sweet simply offering them a Rolls Royce won't make any sort of impact considering the individual who's already paying seventy-five thousand a night is probably in possession of a car like a Rolls-Royce. If not, there is a motorcade. Instead, Olivia Lord Anwar offers something a little more personal for Penthouse guests he and his team try to work with the guest to understand what might really wow them. It could be a rare bottle of wine or sake that would impress the guest if one happens to be interested in Star Wars a statue of Han Solo might be placed on the Terrace really the possibilities are limited to the guest's imagination and wishes. It is a lot more work on our site to find these special amenities, but they are certainly a little Genuine Lauren War explains. Obviously, the accommodation is unbelievable. But after that, the little details have to be in line with the rest. That is our job to find those little things

The mark hotel is in Manhattan

02.The Plaza Hotel in New York (NY)

Another famed Hotel in New York is The Plaza this esteemed Hotel offers a 4,500 square foot three-bedroom royal suite for approximately $40,000 a night in it. It is Deck Down with 24 karat gold fixtures in the bathroom and offers a fully equipped Fitness room and The Chef's Kitchen the Mandarin Oriental down the road from the plaza prices. It'stwo bedrooms 3300 square foot suite for an easy 36,000 a night the stand out feature of this Suite is the contemporary art collection curated by white wall magazine. It's so exclusive. In fact, then any interested guests must call tobook as it doesn't appear on the hotel's website, but trust me.

They've Yorkisn't the only place on Earth with amazing hotels like the Mark here are some other fancy hotels around the Homes that have broken the bank many times over you'll live very much like royalty.

The Plaza Hotel in New York (NY)

03. The Raj Palace, Luxury Hotel in Jaipur, India

If you stay at the Raj Palace a location truly Fit ForA King. This hotel is a restored ancient royal castle in India with over the topof Maharaja Pavilion cost a pricey $65,000 per night. The sweet takes multiple levels with double-height ceilings gorgeous crystal chandeliers and extravagant terrain and even a private Museum the decor this Palace is like somethingout of a James Bond movie. If you've got the funding to get a billfold big enough for this hotel.

The Raj Palace, Luxury Hotel in Jaipur, India

04. Palms Casino Resort | Hotel - Las Vegas

You just might be James Bond Las Vegas is a place knownfor its high rollers. So it's no surprise to see one of his hotels in this blog If you get lucky enough at the slosh, I mean $35,000 kind of lucky. You can hit up the Palms Casino and rent out the Sky Villa this to floor nine thousand-square-foot villa which comes with aprivate Glass Elevator glass-encased pool a couple of Addresses both massage and fitness rooms and around-the-clock Butler Service is the place to be in thethe entertainment capital of the world.

palms Casino Resort | Hotel - Las Vegas

05. The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece

The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece is a seaside resort that takes pride in its luxurious outdoor Landscaping. The three-bedroom suite has two pools one for the inside and one for the outside in case of rains. I guessit has a garden a private beach a massage area a gym and you get your own Chef Butler personal trainer pianist plus limo and helicopter service. I'm not surehow traffic is in Athens, but I guess it doesn't matter when you're staying inthe Royal Villa.Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece is just acastle but conveniently it also serves as one of the fanciest hotels in the world located in Mile Island. This medieval victorian-style castle is just absolutely massive guests.

Will Marvel at the stone structure royalty and whoever's in charge of cutting the grass at the Ashford needs a raise because that lawn is looking pristine. The hotel is one of the few. Five-star resorts in Ireland and of course serves as its own museum as the castle wasbuilt way back in 1228. I'm not quite sure what's happening in 1228, but it wasa leap year if you were wondering,haha ...

The Grand Resort Lagonissi, Greece

06. The Montana Magica Lodge in Chile

The Montana Magica Lodge in Chile is a unique hotel fit for I guess an Ewok or maybe an elf from a Disney movie. In any case, this magical hotel is a popular family destination that makes its guests feel as if they're in a fairy tale. The interior looks like a wacky log cabin with all sorts of earthy decorations meant.

Merge the gas in a truly Unforgettable experience the top of the small Mountain shaped or more accurately. Volcano shaped hotel is a man-made waterfall that the Cascades over the vegetated exterior regularly. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm just about hotel.

The Montana Magica Lodge in Chile

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