In Paris tourism is a major source of income. In 2018, the city was visited by 17.95 million foreign, overnight tourists, mostly for sightseeing and shopping (and expected to be well over double if including domestic overnight visitors) The main attractions include Notre Dame (12 million visitors in 2017), Disneyland Paris, Sacre Cœur, Versailles Palace, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Center Pompidou, and Musée d'Orsay (3 million). The highest number of foreign tourists visiting Paris are British, American, German, Italian, Chinese, and Canadian.

1. Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is also the most visited tourist attraction in Paris and ranks high on France's list of places to visit. It is hard to believe that when it was first revealed, the structure was regarded as monstrosity. Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel designed the iconic tower for the 1889 Paris Exhibition which marked the centenary of the French Revolution.The tower consists of 18,000 pieces of solid iron (weighing more than 10,000 tons) held together by 2,5 million rivets. Now considered a masterful architectural feature this innovative structure is the most emblematic sight in Paris.

For a photo-perfect photo-op, the Jardins du Trocadéro and the Champs de Mars lawns are just the right distance from the Eiffel Tower. At a height of 324 feet, the tower was the tallest building in the world until the Empire State Building was erected.Visitors may take an elevator or climb the 360 steps to reach the first floor (at 57 meters) and 344 steps further to the second level (at 115 metres). All first level and second level outlooks are spectacular. To reach the top floor, an exhilarating elevator ride from the second level is needed at a dizzying elevation of 276 metres.

One of the most exciting things to do in Paris is to reach the top level, but it's not for the faint of heart.Jules Verne Restaurant is on the second floor for those who want to indulge in a gastronomic meal. This restaurant features large windows that allow diners to enjoy the stunning panoramas.Especially if you visit during high season it is best to buy tickets in advance. Tourists should sign in for the Eiffel Tower Priority Access Tour to ensure the best possible experience. This one-hour tour helps visitors to avoid having to stand in several long lines and provides the added benefit of informative analysis.

Eiffel Tower
2. Panthéon

Built as a church to rival Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome and Saint Paul's Cathedral in London, the Panthéon is that the national sepulcher of France's greatest voters. In 1756, King Louis XV commissioned the creator Jacques-Germain Soufflot (1713-80) to create a brand new church on the location of the ruined abbey of Sainte-Geneviève, and also the church was completed in 1790. The design of the Panthéon marks a transparent break from the impish Rococo of the Louis XV vogue and instead presents a less complicated and a lot of somber Neo-Classical vogue. The inscription on the Panthéon's facade reads "Aux grands hommes la patrie reconnaisante" indicating that the monument was originally dedicated completely "to the good men United Nations agency square measure recognized by their country").

Many famed men (72 in total) square measure buried here, as well as philosophers Arouet and philosopher and also the writers novelist, Dumas, Emile Zola, and author. a lot of recently (since 1995), many of France's most reputable feminine voters are buried within the Panthéon as well as the scientist Marie Curie, a wander winner of the honor. Four different girls square measure buried at the Panthéon. From April till Oct, guests might ascend to the Panthéon's dome, wherever a columned balcony provides a sensational viewpoint of the city's landmarks. Panoramas extend from the Notre-Dame Cathedral and also the Louvre within the foreground to the tower within the distance. Address: nineteen Place du Panthéon, 75005 Paris (Métro: Luxembourg station)

3.Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

A triumph of Gothic architecture, the Notre-Dame stands within the heart of Paris on the Ile DE la Cité close to the attractions of the neighbourhood. associate degree island within the Seine, the Ile DE la Cité is that the historical and geographical center of Paris. On this tiny plot of land, the Romans designed the Gallo-Roman town of Lutetia, and from the sixth century to the ordinal century, the Kings of France resided here. The Notre-Dame Cathedral was based in 1163 by King St. Louis (Saint Louis) and Bishop Maurice DE Sully, and also the construction took over a hundred and fifty years. The cathedral was initial created in Early Gothic vogue, whereas later additions (the west front and also the nave) show the transition to High Gothic vogue. Tourists ar forthwith stricken by the decorative style of the facade, with its abundance of sculptures and gargoyles, whereas elaborate flying buttresses give structural integrity for the big building. Look out for the twenty one figures on top of the entranceway within the Gallery of Kings, WHO lost their heads throughout the Revolution. (The heads ar currently on show within the Musée DE Cluny.)

After loving the ornamental entranceway, enter the sanctuary to require within the grandeur of this vast rounded house. The sanctuary appears virtually endless and beckons guests with the sunshine of aflicker candles. the inside is well-lighted by splendid stained-glass windows. the foremost noteworthy window is that the rosette within the north structure. This beautiful work of art options eighty Old Testament scenes focused round the Virgin. Note: In Apr of 2019, a hearth caused substantial injury to the cathedral. the inside is closed to the general public. The structure are undergoing repairs within the years ahead.

4.Musée du Louvre.

A sumptuous palace that was once the house of France's Kings, the Louvre is that the most significant of Paris' prime museums. guests enter the deposit within the grounds of the palace at the glass pyramid (designed by Ieoh Ming designer in 1917). The Louvre possesses over thirty,000 artworks (many thought of masterpieces)—from antiquities to European paintings of the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. It is not possible to examine it bushed one visit, however tourists will target a selected gallery, like classical sculpture, Renaissance art, or 17th-century French paintings, or take a self-guided tour to examine the Louvre Museum's highlights.

The most renowned piece is that the Anglesea Lisa or La Gioconda (or La Joconde in French) painted by Leonardo designer in 1503-1505. different exceptional works area unit the traditional Venus American state milo maize sculpture, the monumental success of Samothrace of the Hellenic amount, the large Wedding Feast at Cana painting by Paolo Veronese (1563), and Botticelli's frescoes. additionally a must-see is Liberty Leading the folks (1831) by Eugene Delacroix, portrayal the Parisian rebellion of Gregorian calendar month twenty seventh to twenty ninth, 1830 referred to as "Trois Glorieuses" ("Three superb Days"). To get the foremost out of a visit to the Louvre, tourists will take a radio-controlled tour. The Skip the Line: Louvre Tour permits participants to leap before the long queues and head straight to the museum's most renowned artworks, as well as the Venus American state milo maize and also the Anglesea Lisa. On this three-hour tour, a knowledgeable guide discusses the collections, explains attention-grabbing info concerning the paintings, and answers queries.

The Louvre is encircled on one facet by the Jardin des Tuileries, one in every of the most important and loveliest parks in Paris. The celebrated designer André landscaper (who designed the gardens of Versailles) created the Tuileries in classic French vogue. The formal gardens feature utterly manicured trees; 2 ponds; and statues by carver, Giacometti, and statue maker. Park benches supply an area to relax and luxuriate in the scenery. There are many café-restaurants with outside seating.

Musée du Louvre
5. Palais Garnier

When building the Palais Garnier in the 19th century, architect Charles Garnier spared no ornate detail. This may be why the building was the most costly of its age. The Palais Garnier, which seats nearly 2,000 spectators, is host to the Paris National Opera. It is the star of the Opera's book, and subsequent films. The Palais Garnier is still primarily used for ballet and is also home to the Museum of the Opera Library

Palais Garnier
6.Les Invalides.

Les Invalides is a construction complex that honors the French Army. It was built in 1670 as veterinary hospital and retirement home. Today it still serves that purpose and many more. Les Invalides, like Napoleon Bonaparte, is home to military museums, and a church that is the burial ground of its war heroes.

Les Invalides is where rioters received the cannons and muskets they used to storm the Bastille later that day, thus setting off the French Revolution.

Les Invalides
7.Seine Cruise

On its journey to the English Channel the River Seine flows nearly 800 km (500 miles) across France. Cruising the river is one of the most romantic things tourists can do as it flows through Paris. His cruises pass under several Paris bridges, bringing in sights such as the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower.

A cruise at Seine takes about an hour, but what a magic hour it is! A trip on the Seine is also a great way to experience Paris in the evenings.

Seine Cruise
8. Pont Alexandre III.

What could be more romantic in a city where romance reigns than the Pont Alexandre III, a bridge considered to be the most luxurious and ornate in Paris. This steel single arch bridge, named for the Russian tsar, crosses the Seine and connects the districts of Champs-Elysees, Les Invalides and Eiffel Tower.

Seeing the bridge is almost like going to an art gallery, as the sculptures were made by various French sculptors, including winged horses, nymphs and cherubes adorning the roof.

Pont Alexandre III
9.Palace of Versailles

Versailles Palace started life as a royal hunting lodge, but later became a palace that housed the court of the King. The gigantic structure in its abundance is decorated, opulent and over the top. It is one of the most visited attractions in Paris, with visitors coming to see its beautiful gardens and the Mirrors Room, with its 357 mirrors that decorate 17 arches.

During the French Revolution the Palace of Versailles ceased to be a royal residence, and today houses a museum of French history.

Place de la Concorde
10.Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde stands at the east end of the Champs-Elysées, the largest square in Paris with fantastic views in every direction. It was on this square during the French Revolution that the French King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and many others were guillotined.

The massive Egyptian obelisk, 3200 years old, was brought from the Temple of Luxor in the 19th century, in the center of Place de la Concorde.

Place de la Concorde

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