A city with many facets, Dubai is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Host to the world's highest tower, the Burj Khalifa, this global city is known for its sumptuous architecture, spectacular skylines and a multitude of tourist attractions that break records to be the highest, longest and largest. When it comes to adventure sports like Dese, Dubai has many opportunities

Here is a list of places you must visit on your next trip to Dubai.

1.Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the city's largest mall, offering access to both the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium. If you are looking for more entertainment options, there's also an ice-skating rink, gaming zone, and cinema complex. Shopping and dining are constant, and there are almost always special events inside the mall, such as live music and fashion shows. The most popular of these are the January and February Annual Dubai Shopping Festival, and the July and August Dubai Summer Surprises Festival.

Dubai Mall
2. Dubai Museum

Dubai's wonderful deposit is housed within the Al-Fahidi Fort, inbuilt 1787 to defend urban center Creek. The fort's walls area unit engineered out of ancient coral-blocks and control beside lime. The higher floor is supported by picket poles, and therefore the ceiling is built from palm fronds, mud, and plaster. In its history, the fort has served as a residence for the ruling family, a seat of state, garrison, and prison. remodeled in 1971 (and once more extensively in 1995), it's currently the city's premier deposit. the doorway encompasses a fascinating exhibition of previous maps of the Emirates and urban center, showing the mammoth growth that hit the region when the oil boom. The court is home to many ancient boats associate degreed a palm-leaf house with an Emirati wind-tower.

The right-hand hall options collection, and therefore the left-hand hall showcases Emirati musical instruments. Below the bottom floor area unit show halls with exhibits and dioramas covering varied aspects of ancient Emirati life (including pearl fishing and Beduin desert life), further as artifacts from the three,000- to 4,000-year-old graves at Al Qusais archaeologic website.
Address: Al-Fahidi Street, Al-Fahidi

Dubai Museum
3.Bastakia (Old Dubai)

The Bastakia Quarter (also referred to as the Al-Fahidi neighborhood) was inbuilt the late nineteenth century to be the house of rich Persian merchants UN agency dealt primarily in pearls and textiles and were lured to city attributable to the untaxed mercantilism and access to city Creek. Bastakia occupies the japanese portion of Bur city on the creek, and also the coral and sedimentary rock buildings here, several with walls lidded with wind-towers, are excellently preserved. Wind-towers provided the homes here with associate early sort of air-con — the wind at bay within the towers was funneled down into the homes. Persian merchants doubtless transplanted this branch of knowledge component (common in Iranian coastal houses) from their home country to the Gulf.

Lined with distinct Arabian design, the slender lanes ar extremely redolent of a bygone, and far slower, age in Dubai's history. within the district, you will find the Majlis Gallery, with its assortment of ancient Arab ceramics and piece of furniture (housed during a wind-tower) and also the Al Serkal Cultural Foundation, with a store, cafe, and rotating art exhibitions (located in one among the historic buildings.

Bastakia (Old Dubai)
4.Burj Khalifa.

Dubai's landmark building is that the Burj Khalifa, that at 829.8 meters is that the tallest building within the world and also the most famed of the city's points of interest. for many guests, a visit to the observation deck on the 124th floor here could be a must-do whereas within the town. The views across town skyline from this wide perspective ar merely staggering. The slick observation deck expertise includes a multimedia system presentation on each Dubai and also the building of the Burj Khalifa (completed in 2010) before a high-speed elevator whizzes you up to the observation deck for those 360-degree views out across the skyscrapers to the desert on one facet and also the ocean on the opposite.

Nighttime visits ar significantly popular photographers because of Dubai's famed city-lights panoramas. obtain your Burj Khalifa "At the Top" Entrance price tag prior to to avoid long line-ups, particularly if you're aiming to visit on a weekend.Back on the bottom, wrapping round the Burj Khalifa, ar the building's superbly designed gardens, with winding walkways. There ar lots of water options as well as the Dubai Fountain, the world's tallest acting fountain, sculpturesque on the famed Fountains of Bellagio in urban center.

Burj Khalifa
5. Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the Ruler of metropolis from 1921 to 1958 and granddaddy to this ruler. His former residence has been remodeled and remodeled as a deposit that's a fine example of Arabian design. The original house was in-built 1896 by ruler Saeed's father, therefore he may observe shipping activity from the balconies. it absolutely was dismantled, however this house was remodeled next to the initial website, staying faithful the initial model by incorporating sculpted teak doors, picket lattice screens across the windows, and mineral ventilation screens with floral and geometric styles. Thirty rooms ar designed around a central yard with wind-tower details on high.

Inside ar the exhibits of the metropolis deposit of Historical images and Documents, with several fantastic previous images of metropolis from the amount between 1948 and 1953. The marine wing of the deposit has photos of fishing, pearling, and boat building. Throughout the building there ar several letters, maps, coins, and stamps on show showing the event of the Emirate. Nearby is that the ruler Obaid bin Thani House, remodeled with displays of ancient interiors.
Address: Al Khaleej Road, Bur Dubai

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
6.Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheik Zayed Road is the main road that cuts through the new downtown business area of Dubai. This wide, eight-lane highway is rimmed along its entire length with towering high-rises of glass, chrome, and steel. It's one of the best perspectives on - the-ground for the popular skyscraper views of Dubai.

Main attractions are the strip between the roundabout and the first intersection along, or just off, and most of Dubai's popular malls are situated along the route.

In its top floor, the Dubai World Trade Tower has an observation deck that gives guests panoramic views (a cheaper option than the Burj Khalifa), and the Gold and Diamond Park (Sheik Zayed Road) is a one-stop shop for jewelry enthusiasts, with 118 producers and 30 stores all under one roof.

Sheikh Zayed Road
7.Dubai Aquarium

One of the top tourist destinations in town, the Dubai Aquarium holds 140 varieties of sea life in the massive suspended tank in the Dubai Mall's ground floor. As well as free viewing from the mall, you can walk through the Aquarium Tunnels if you enter the Underwater Zoo.

Various activities help you get a closer look at life at the sea. Glass bottom boat tours (atop the tank) are especially popular. There are also cage snorkelling and shark diving activities on offer.

Dubai Aquariume
8.Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

You needn't go too far from the skyscrapers to soak up a more natural view. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary contains the mangrove forests and Dubai Creek wetlands.

A significant stop-off on migration routes, as huge flocks of these magnificent pink birds wade through the lagoons, backdropped by towering high-rises, it's a prime place to see flamingos in winter! Various hides have been set up in prime spots within the park to enable bird watchers to enjoy good views of birdlife.
Address: Ras Al Khor Street, Dubai

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.
9.Dubai Opera

Search no further for the overnight attractions. Opened in mid-2016, Dubai's sleek new opera building is the flagship of downtown Dubai's waterfront Opera District and is expected to become the major cultural centre and main entertainment venue for the region. The Dubai Opera presents a year-round schedule of popular musical theater performances, world-class concerts by singers, opera, dance, and classical music, as well as smaller events, comedy nights, and concerts.

The 2,000-seat theater building itself is an amazing piece of architectural excellence and one of the latest icons of Dubai, with its incredibly futuristic glass and steel walls jutting across the coastline, designed to imitate the curves of a typical dhow.
Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road

Dubai Opera
10. Dubai Creek & Al Seef District

Dubai Creek separates the town into 2 cities, with Deira to the north and Bur port to the south. The creek has been associate degree potent component within the city's growth, initial attracting settlers here to fish and pearl dive. little villages grew up aboard the creek as way back as four,000 years agone, whereas the trendy era began within the decennary once the Bani Yas tribe settled within the space. The sailing ship Wharfage is found on port Creek's bank, north of Al-Maktoum Bridge. Still employed by little traders from across the Gulf, a number of the dhows anchored here square measure run out a hundred years previous. you'll visit here, looking at wares being loaded and blank on and off the dhows. sailing ship staff typically invite guests onto the vessels for a tour, wherever you'll gain insight into the lifetime of these ancient sailors. several of the dhows here travel onward to Kuwait, Iran, Oman, India, and right down to Africa's horn. this little remnant of Dubai's ancient economy continues to be a active and interesting place to wander around.

On the Bur port facet of the creek, rubbing up against the Bastakia neighborhood, the city district has been regenerated because the Al Seef district, with a city district promenade backed by ancient coral-block and rock buildings, a floating market, and outlets marketing crafts. it is a good spot for a stroll with wonderful water views. To travel across the creek, you'll either take a visit on one among the numerous dhows that are improved as tourer cruise boats or take associate degree abra (small picket ferry) between the ferry points on the creek's Bur port and Deira banks.

Dubai Creek & Al Seef District

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