We all know that exercise helps to increase the strength of the body, provide a boost to muscle mass, and optimizes our health. But, did you know that exercise reverses aging?You might be indulging in those over-the-counter moisturizers and eye creams that promise to reduce the physical signs of aging, such as dry skin, sagging skin, dark skin, and wrinkles. You may be concerned about the natural aging process and the impact that it has on your appearance and your body – as a whole. If you are ready to truly reverse the effects of aging, continue reading to learn about anti-aging exercise and 10 productive activities that will create a healthier, better-looking, younger YOU – all the way down to the cellular level.

What Happens to Our Bodies as We Age ?

As we enter and proceed through adulthood, all of our vital organs start to lose some degree of their functionality. Aging does more than just show itself through the wrinkles and gray hairs that we develop. It produces changes that happen in every single cell, every single tissue, and every single organ. In turn, it produces a negative impact on all of the systems within the body and their ability to function appropriately.
Aging is a highly complex process that varies from one person to another. Many theories exist about why it results in negative effects on the body. These include exposure to the sun, by-products in food and medication, metabolic issues, and genetic predisposition.

The Ultimate Youth Serum

Working out helps to optimize your appearance, your ability to move, endurance levels, and provides you with higher levels of energy. It does not matter how old you are, what issues that you experience, or how you feel – exercise reverses aging. The following outlines the top 10 anti-aging exercises, according to experts in the field:

The fact of the matter is, movement IS medicine. It is the best type of medicine. When engaging in physical activities, you should focus on those that work the mind and the body. When you do, that exercise will reverse the aging process.


Now, these are relatively simple exercises. How do they keep you young, though? The secret lies in the fact that you use one limb to cross over the middle of your body to the opposite side. Not only do the movements help stretch and build muscle, but they force the right and left hemisphere of the brain to communicate, which strengthens the brain as a whole. This is an excellent exercise for maintaining youth – especially on a cognitive level.

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Climbing Stairs

If you want to provide the lower section of your body with an intense workout, climb stairs! This is an easy activity that will work all of the muscles in your lower section. This includes the calves, the glutes, the quadriceps, and the hamstrings. Best of all, as you progress in this exercise, your bones and joints will build up strength. As you get older, this age reversing exercise will help you enjoy a higher level of endurance.

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While it may seem to be a rather common exercise, walking is a weight-bearing activity that helps you…or, rather…forces you to perform against the natural gravity that surrounds you. As a result, both your bones and muscles benefit. In turn, the overall functionality of the entire body is optimized.

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If you want to stay young, do squats! By doing so, you are working out the entire body – particularly, the hamstrings, the hips, the glutes, and the quads. As a result, it also strengthens your body’s core. These exercises also help to improve your balance and your level of coordination. As an added bonus, squats reverse aging by building up your bone density!

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Standing Calf Raise

The next anti-aging exercise that helps to reverse the natural aging process is the standing calf raise. This exercise targets the calf muscles – especially the one on the outer section of the leg that aids in shaping and establishing the size of the calves.

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Hanging Leg Raise

While considered to be a challenging exercise that requires proper training and correct form, the hanging leg raise is an anti-aging exercise that effectively works all of the muscles located in your midsection and the lats. If you want to combat natural aging while building an immense amount of strength, this exercise will help you accomplish your goals.

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High Impact Movements

While this is not a particular exercise, it is a type of movement that should be performed that is physical in nature. This is why it has made this list. When researching how exercise reverses aging, you will find that most professionals recommend engaging in high impact movements. These include jumping, forceful stepping, and exaggerated movements – as a whole. If you make certain that you perform high impact movements on a daily basis, your bones will increase in density.

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Arm and Leg Crosses

Now, these are relatively simple exercises. How do they keep you young, though? The secret lies in the fact that you use one limb to cross over the middle of your body to the opposite side. Not only do the movements help stretch and build muscle, but they force the right and left hemisphere of the brain to communicate, which strengthens the brain as a whole. This is an excellent exercise for maintaining youth – especially on a cognitive level.

Resistance Training

If you want to reverse your age at the genetic level, resistance training is the way to go! This type of exercise improves the strengths of your muscles and optimizes your endurance level. You may do it by integrating bands, weights, bars, dumbbells, and similar items into your standard work out.

Reaction Training

The next anti-aging exercise is reaction training. Examples include playing a sport such as tennis, engaging in the SMARTfit™ training, or Zumba. This improves your body, your reaction time, your ability to retain information, and change direction while maintaining your balance.

Anti Aging Facial Exercises

Did anyone ever tell you that being serious can make you look older? Well, it’s true! Let me be the first to enlighten you with this eternal truth – making clown faces can bring youthfulness back to your face. Just like you have toned your body, you can also tone your face with easy exercises that make you look young. Excited to reverse aging? Read on.

Time and aging do not stop for anyone. Try as some might, the fountain of youth is yet undiscovered. Still, that hasn’t stopped the determined from pursuing options such as surgery and botox. Since our face is the first impression we give to the world, sagging skin and wrinkles reveal age in an instant. Isn’t there any other way to hide age without looking like a plastic doll? The fountain of facial youth can be found in face yoga. That’s what your anti-aging facing exercises are called! Face yoga can tighten and tone your facial skin through controlled movements. It also promotes the production of collagen, giving you a perky, youthful look. This non-invasive natural method will drop years from your face without pain.

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How Facial Exercises Works

A series of exercises performed for a duration of 20 minutes, 6 days a week, will quickly begin to show positive results.
The exercises work the skin’s upper, middle and lower layers
They lift sagging skin
Tone underlying muscles
Help reduce wrinkles
Improve blood circulation
Enable better nourishment to the skin
Bring a healthy glow
Stimulate collagen production
Restore skin’s elasticity
Result in tighter, smoother skin

1. Clown Face

Smile widely, ear to ear, with your lips closed.
Try wrinkling your nose.
Now, stop smiling and pucker your lips.
Pull your chin down with your fingers while your mouth remains closed.
Repeat the smile and pucker, holding each expression for 5 seconds.
Continue to make clown faces 10 times in a row.
It’s your natural face lift. The clown face corrects sagging skin and laugh lines. Tried all the anti aging facial exercises? Feel youthful already? Tell me all about it.
Do share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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2. Frown Face

Press your index fingers against the outer corners of your eyebrows.
Simultaneously, place both your middle fingers against the inner corners.
This makes a ‘V’ below both eyes.
Apply pressure with the fingers and bring your eyebrows down, thereby making a frown.
Take away your fingers and squint your eyes.
Make your lips as if you are frowning.
Hold for 2 seconds, and then relax.
Repeat the movement 8 times.
Finally relax with your eyes closed.

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3. Giraffe Face

Whether you’re sitting or standing, look up and stretch your neck.
While your head is tilted back, try to push your tongue against the top of your mouth.
Alternately, you can also use your index fingers to pull the skin on the neck downwards.
Hold the stretch for 25 seconds.
Return to the first position and repeat the movement.
This is one of the best facial exercises for anti aging that tones the chin and neck region, correcting sagging skin and double chin.

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4. Surprised Face

Raise your eyebrows in a surprised expression.
Stretch them as high as you can.
Open your mouth wide; stretch them as much as you can.
If someone catches you doing this exercise, well, act surprised.
Widen your eyes some more if possible.
Repeat about 10 times.
This will smoothen out your forehead.

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Cheeky Face

Sit or stand straight.
Inhale deeply, blow your cheeks out and hold the air inside.
Transfer the air from one cheek to the other.
Hold for as long as possible before you expel the breath in a controlled movement.
Repeat 8 or 10 times.
This tones the skin and muscles. You can perform this anywhere.

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